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Brian N. Stretcher, Ph.D. can give you what many people might expect from a small town lawyer, but with so much more...

By tradition, you will probably find Brian dressed in a suit and tie on the days he has to appear in court.  As a small town attorney, Brian typically takes cases in many different areas of the law, be it the preparation of a will, defense of criminal charges, or assisting a client through the challenge of divorce.  And he's never too busy to just sit and talk.

But there are many things different about how Brian practices law.  First of all, once a scientist, always a scientist; Brian has a Ph.D. in Chemistry.  Other than patent attorneys, lawyers with a scientific background are few and far between, and those with graduate degrees even fewer.  If a client's case involves a scientific issue, it is usually possible for Brian to undertake his own analysis of the science behind the case, rather than farming the work out to an expert.  A scientist knows what sort of questions to ask of a scientific expert in court.  Brian knows that it doesn't necessarily matter that test result X came back positive, because it may be even more important how that test result was generated, or just how "positive" that test actually was.

Like scientific questions, legal questions must always be answered by the available evidence.  Not emotion.  Not speculation.  Not wishful thinking.  Science is based on provable facts.  Legal cases are decided by provable facts.  Science and the Law are therefore allied disciplines.  You are in much better hands if your attorney knows the facts of your case, knows whether those facts actually support your legal position, and knows how to use those facts to support your case.  Too many attorneys like to tell their clients exactly what they want to hear, and view the practice of law like a performance art. Those attorneys often put on a great show, usually at an exorbitant price.  But in the end, judges and juries are not impressed by a show.  All cases are ultimately determined by the facts.

All clients, rich or poor, deserve a complete and honest assessment of their case by a qualified attorney.  If there is nothing to use to meet the client's legal objectives, the client needs to be told that.  If there is something there to work with, the client needs to be aware of the rough probability of reaching those objectives under the available facts, the costs associated with proceeding, and the costs associated with both failure AND success.  It might be possible to defeat Rome, but if your kingdom will be destroyed in the process, it may not be worth the fight.

And thus Brian's practical approach to the law.  As one of the firm's clients, you will be counseled fully about the facts and evidence you have, the evidence you need, and the resources you will likely need to meet your goals.  It doesn't matter whether you are simply wanting to get wills prepared for yourself and your spouse, or seeking to defend against serious criminal charges.

It is no secret that hiring counsel may entail a significant financial investment, and that legal services are out of many people's reach.  Brian prides himself on keeping his services within the reach of the people who need them.  Don't assume you can't afford an attorney to protect your rights! 

Brian N. Stretcher, Attorney and Counselor at Law, stands ready to assist you with your legal needs.  Call 828-884-6575 or send an email to for an appointment today!

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